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10 Recommendations for Travelers, Tourist or Backpackers by ECTOURS

  1. When you arrive to Airport , Bus Station or to the board never leave your backpack alone.​
  2. If you need a taxi cab, choose one that is a recognized company like (ACONTAXIS or ACACYA) Make sure the taxi plate starts with the letter "A" also If you arrive at your destination too late or at night time, be sure to have before a place where to stay for that night.
  3. If you visit the city of San Salvador make sure avoid ghetto places or areas with high population ,always ask for best places to visit and the best bus routes, also remember when you visit Downtown leave your belongings in a safe place and take only your identification and money just the necessary for food or to buy souvenirs , if you want to take pictures bring a small camera .
  4. Always eat in places with good presentation ,clean also safe and please drink bottled water.
  5. When go to mountain , Volcanoes, Lakes or La Ruta Las Flores, always bring your backpack with you on the bus , use comfortable shoes , comfortable clothing, a light sweater and ask for the tourist attractions of the area .
  6. If you like to go out at Night on The City, always takes a taxi and if you are out of town always walk around places frequented by locals .
  7. When you visit the beach , most places are very safe as there are a lot of sightseeing , but never leave your belongings alone and visit the most crowded places.
  8. If you swim in the sea, be sure to do so in the tides and adequate hours and always use sunscreen.
  9. For any type of transaction you must present your original passport. When using ATMs do not accept help from other people or suspicious and always be sure to remove your card.
  10. If you are a victim of criminals , remain calm and act wisely and you may call 911 Emergency System .


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​Tica Bus:San Salvador - Leon - Managua , Nicaragua everyday at 3:00am just San Benito Terminal price $45 USD San Salvador - Managua everyday at 4:30am San Carlos hotel station and 5:00 am from San Benito Bus Station price $35. San Salvador - Guatemala twice a day from  San Carlos hotel bus station at 5:30 am - 2:30pm and from San Benito Bus Station at 6:00am - 3:00pm price $20, Now available Guatema - Antigua at 1:00pm. (We recommend to buy tickets in advace). San Salvador - Tegucigalpa, everyday  San Carlos hotel bus station need to be at the station at 11:00 am  price $20. KingQualiy bus San Salvador - San Pdro Sula everyday at 7:00 price $45 need to be at the station at 6:00am only downtown location, EL SOL available San Salvador - Guatemala - Leon email for pricing.

Shuttle Service: San Salvador - El Tunco to Leon Nicaragua, everyday from El Tunco, door to door price around $55. San Salvador - El Tunco - Copan, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuday price around $50- PRIVATE SERVICE AVAILABLE

It's El Salvador safe ?



El Salvador >Places to go in El Salvador
This is a tourist center that possesses a mountain hotel (being remodeling at the present time), from where pure fresh air can be breathed. The hotel has a terrace with an impressive view to the Izalco Volcano.  It was affected by the 2001 earthquakes.  
It has become one of the main tourist attractions of the country due to the beauty of its beaches and the comfort of the hotel infrastructure ,   closely to El Salvador international airport, and from 1 hour from the capital city.
It has been named Historical World Heritage, as they are the only ruins of pre-Columbian time where the daily life of the inhabitants of that period of history can be appreciated. Other indigenous ruins were considered ceremonial centers.
JOYA DE CEREN ​​Joya de Cerén was a pre-Hispanic farming community that, like Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, was buried under an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano c. AD 600. Because of the exceptional condition of the remains, they provide an insight into the daily lives of the Central American populations who worked the land at that time.

Cerro Verde, Santa Ana Volcano  and Coatepeque lake, There are 3 volcanoes located on the western part of El Salvador: Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde. Together, they form one of the awe-inspiring landscapes in the whole country. These 3 volcanoes are located in the departments of Sonsonate and Santa Ana, and are approximately 67 kilometers from the capital city San Salvador. 

At 47 kms from San Salvador, as turistic attraction we have the lake Suchitlan, and the Birds Island, Los Tercios (natural stone), La Bermuda. Suchitoto was an important place at the colonial time, where some presidents of El Salvador were born.
With a high of 2730 mts. It is the highest point in El Salvador, where many open activities can be done.
This is a city that conform La Ruta de Las Flores, located at 16 km. from the department of Sonsonate, and 1040 mts. Above sea level.
This is a beautiful volcano located between San Salvador and La Libertad. Surrounding the volcano you can fond some restaurants, like Lisna Vista Garden
This city is famous for its ceramic handcraftship more antique in Central America. It is located at 55 km. from San Salvador, connected by excellent rout.
A volcanic lake, located at 740 mts above the sea level. It is considered among the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world.
The litoral route between the port of La Libertad and La Rada de Mizata was inaugurated in 1959. It has 5 tunels through the rocky mountains. You can visit many beaches such as: Conchalio, El Majahual, El Tunco, El Zonte, La Perla, etc.
It is part of the La Ruta de Las Flores, at 74 km from San Salvador, at 540 mts above the sea level. Famous by and handcraftship of wicker.Type your paragraph here.

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Local Buses :Terminal de Occidente  Santa Ana - Sonsonate - Ahuachapan - Metapan - Opico (Joya de Ceren)  - and all the west side of the country, for destination (Destinos) and Schedule (Horarios) CLICK HERE.  Terminal de Oriente , Ruta 129 – Suchitoto, Ruta 125 – Chalatenango, Ruta 111 – Ilobasco, Ruta 119 – La Palma and Frontera el Poy, Ruta 116 – San Vicente, Ruta 110 – San Sebastián, Ruta 306 – Santa Rosa de Lima, Ruta 302 – Usulután, Ruta 309 – Santiago de María, Ruta 301 – San Miguel, Ruta 304 – Puerto La Unión, Ruta 305 – San Francisco Gotera. (Ruta = Bus Number).

From the airport to San Salvador we recomment to the a private transportation or use the shuttle form Acacya at 7:00am - 8:00am - 12:00pm - 1:00pm -  5:00pm - 6:00pm, From San Salvador to the airport Acacya Schedule , 6:00am - 7:00am -10:00am- 2:00 pm.

From San Salvador to La Libertad - El Tunco - San Blas - El Sunzal Take the minibus 102A price $1.50 is the same to come back, they have there own bus terminal near the cementery of San Salvador  but also you can take it out side of the Terminal Occidente, Basilica de Guadalupe, Multiplaza- La gran Via and El Trevol , the minibus runs every 20 min.

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The festivities of El Salvador are popular celebrations that take place every year in the municipalities, cities or towns in the country with the aim of bringing joy to it, although each of these
festivals have a religious background.Calendar of Festivities around El Salvador CLICK HERE