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Research at the Fonseca Gulf with EC Tours El Salvador I had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful areas...

Posted by EC TOURS El Salvador on Viernes, 14 de agosto de 2015

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This Tour is for those that want to know more about salvadorean culture having contact with locals. We can take you to the “Living People” program towns. It’s just a unique experience through picturesque villages, where you will have peace in rural áreas, enjoy beautiful landscapes, contact with nature, friendliness and more. Want to do Ecotourism, cultural tourism and culinary tourism?,  Visit with us  Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, Suchitoto, La Palma, Ilobasco and more…

For those lovers of sand, sun, sunsets, surf and more, El Salvador beaches are right for you. One of the beauties of our country is to provide surfers with waves for all levels from beginner to professionals. The most important beaches for surfing in El Salvador are: El Sunzal, El Tunco, La Paz, El Zonte, Las Flores . But if you are not a surfer, there are options for you too, great nightlife, warm waters, delicious seafood, close of lovely towns where you will have a whole different experiences.

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