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across El Salvador, live the local experiace

This Tour is for those that want to know more about salvadorean culture having contact with locals. We can take you to the “Living People” program towns. It’s just a unique experience through picturesque villages, where you will have peace in rural áreas, enjoy beautiful landscapes, contact with nature, friendliness and more. Want to do Ecotourism, cultural tourism and culinary tourism?,  Visit with us  Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, Suchitoto, La Palma, Ilobasco and more…

For those lovers of sand, sun, sunsets, surf and more, El Salvador beaches are right for you. One of the beauties of our country is to provide surfers with waves for all levels from beginner to professionals. The most important beaches for surfing in El Salvador are: El Sunzal, El Tunco, La Paz, El Zonte, Las Flores . But if you are not a surfer, there are options for you too, great nightlife, warm waters, delicious seafood, close of lovely towns where you will have a whole different experiences.


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Tour of the Historic Center of San Salvador also the San Salvador volcano called (El Boqueron National Park)  the City tour  included to visit the historic center of San Salvador with many important sites like the main cathedral, the National Palace, El Rosario Church, Parque Libertad and many more, at the afternoon we´ll visit El Boqueron National Park where you can enjoy an spectacular view of the crater of the volcano and the entire city from an altitud of 1,893 mts over the sea leavel.


Santa Ana and Izalco Volcano, Cerro Verde and Coatepeque lake, this tour is to visit the Cerro Verde park where you able to enjoy the nice weather with the perfect view of the Santa Ana, Izalco Volcanos and Lake Coatepeque, there is also the option of climbing the Santa Ana volcano, where you can see the crater that has a sulfur lake with an spectacular color at the end of the day we stop for a great lunch at the Coatepeque Lake..

Ruta Maya is a tour that shows that El Salvador is also part of Mesoamerica, and there are important archaeological sites steeped in history. Among the most important places to visit are the ruins of Tazumal Chalchuapa, San Andrés and Joya de Ceren, this one  is a hidden indigena city of 14 layers of volcanic ash after the eruption of a volcano. This place is an  UNESCO World Heritage and is called the Pompei of America.

¨Ruta de Las Flores¨ consist to visit several villages with indigenous features in the west  side of the country. Between the mountains there are coffee plantations, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, coffee mills, Thermal pools, typical Salvadoran food at excellent restaurants and more. Some of the villages to visit are Nahuizalco, Juayua, Ataco, Apaneca, Ahuachapan and others.